Monthly Archives: March 2016

“Learning Networks” video PSA

I started watching the video, which begins by Stephen saying that he has his notes from 2004 (what organization!), but the audio is no longer around, so he’s going to read it. I wondered why — in the spirit of Personal Learning — it wouldn’t be available to read. Many people might prefer to read it themselves; some because it’s faster (although I love the video’s accelerated speed options), some because it enables one to reread, etc. etc.

Since I’m one of those who prefers to read (especially after watching a few minutes and straining to read those tiny letters), I decided to cheat and Google a few words from the talk. Voila! I think this is it: It has both a .doc file and a downloadable mp3 (and even a Spanish translation). Perhaps that version is incomplete, or there’s another reason not to rely on that text. If so, I hope someone lets me know.

What that 2004 version certainly doesn’t have is the context given by the introduction (up to 1:22) and the conclusion (from 51:14 to the end), as well as some occasional embellishments to the text added in (at least in the few parts I listened to).

I hope to comment on the message itself once I finish reading/ listening.